Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Evolution Should Not Be Taught In Schools

To this day evolution is being taught in the science classes of public schools, and I find this unfair to the students who do not believe in it. If we eliminate the teachings of evolution, the freedom of the students will not be influenced. This is true because the non believers will not have to put up with what they do not believe in, and the believers still have the possibility of studying the subject, but just from another source. Evolution should not be taught in public schools because the majority does not want to learn it.
One of the main reasons why evolution should not be taught in public schools is because an obvious majority of the United States practices the religion of Christianity. According to, in the year 2001 a total of 78.9% of American citizens practiced Christianity. This means that large sums of students in all public schools are Christians and strongly disagree with evolution. What makes sense about the idea of teaching evolution to a class where only fifty percent of the students actually have the determination to understand the theory of evolution? I say that if someone wants to learn about a scientific theory that most disagree with, they should study it on their own time.
Someone who is for the idea of teaching evolution in public school science classes might say, “If students want to learn information that doesn’t contradict their religions, they should just go to private schools.” These students should not have to go to private schools because according to the religious pie chart graph of 2005, ( only sixteen percent of all humans make up the atheist population, or the assumed group of evolution believers. This known fact ties into my previous statement because it proves that less than one sixth of the world actually falls onto the “public school policy of being nonaffiliated with religion” group. Students shouldn’t have to go to private schools to correspond to their viewpoints, because only a small proportion of public school students aren’t associated with any type of religion. The majority of public schools believe in a religion that disagrees with evolution.
Next time you think public schools should only teach non-religious explanations of life, think about the percentage of religious people that make up the schools. It is not fair that the schools fill their students’ brains with information that is a theory, and has many gaps in its explanation. This idea is so absurd, because now that I think about it, in order to pass a science class you have no choice but to believe, or act as though you believe in evolution. Evolution should definitely not be taught in public schools because the general student opposes the topic.